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How to Choose an Investment Company

One of the most important decisions you will make in your life is choosing a company to invest your money with. If you take this decision too lightly and choose the wrong company, it could result in you losing a large amount of money that cripples your financial future. There seems to be no shortage […]

How to Create a Working Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you want to make it online, you must have realized by now that the rules of the marketing game have changed. Traditional marketing methods like newspapers, direct mail, television, billboards and the YellowPages was the only way you could tell people about your business and let’s face it: It was and is expensive! Nowadays […]

mobile phone trends

Latest Mobile Phone Sales Statistics and Usage Trends

We bring you this very interesting infographic on the latest mobile phone sales statistics and the usage mobile trends for 2013. It give a bird’s eye view of where the mobile market is now at, including things like mobile phone user base, market share of operating systems, mobile device manufactures, estimated Smartphone Apps per platform,  […]

marketing strategy

How can Start-Ups Build Consumer Trust?

The question that we are trying to answer is this: How can Start-Ups Build Consumer Trust? Therefore, in this article we will explore the following questions to conclude consumer trust building practices. The only way to ensure long-term online business success is to build it on a foundation of trust. In the same breath we […]

How Women Entrepreneurs can Leverage Grants for a Start-Up

How Women Entrepreneurs can Leverage Grants for a Start-Up

Getting a business up and running can be a nerve-racking experience, especially for women entrepreneurs who have never before experienced this challenge. First, they must determine the potential buyers for their products and services. Then, they must find the perfect location for their new enterprise and make a list of the supplies necessary for operational […]

Do You Use a Content Calendar for Your Small Business?

I recently mentioned the importance of a content marketing strategy and a content editorial calendar on my Facebook Page. Due to the reaction there, I thought it would make for a great informational blog post. Why is an editorial calendar important? In any business situation everything you do, you are doing for a purpose. The […]

Business Mentor

A Small Business Mentor Is a Perfect Guide to Success

Running a business can be much more difficult than many imagine, especially in our challenging economy. An article in Forbes reported that less than half of all start-up company’s make it to their fourth birthday. With such difficult odds, is it even worth it? The great news is that a professional business mentor can be […]

creative leadership

Inspired Innovation: 3 Effective Leadership Principles

A successful business requires effective leadership to grow and prosper. When a business grows too fast, it will often promote people to a position of leadership that they may not be prepared for. Teach the following three leadership principles to new managers to enhance their performance and promote productivity in the transition phase. What is […]