Key Drivers for Business Growth

No entrepreneur has ever started a business with the hope of merely breaking even. The whole idea behind creating a small business is to implement a business growth strategy and enjoy the pride that comes with having created a successful organization. And even though every business is unique in its own way, there are governing factors that are universal in determining the success or failure of any venture. To this end, businesses are always looking at what drivers will stimulate growth.

The process itself isn’t rocket science, but the trick is properly identifying these key drivers and adhering to a business growth strategy. And while there may be no guaranteed formula for success, those entrepreneurs who harness key growth drivers will be able to climb the success ladder. With that in mind, here are some of these key growth factors:

A strong message

One thing most successful companies have in common is that they have cultivated a strong message. These messages are concise, to the point, and they provide the very real benefit of positioning these companies ahead of their competitors.


The idea of an entrepreneur promoting his or her organization may seem like a no-brainer in the world of business, but the promotional landscape is indeed changing. Social media has revolutionized how people receive and share information; it has also revolutionized how companies promote themselves and their products or services. Maintaining a strong Internet presence is crucial to those looking to grow their organization. And the most successful organizations have an in-depth business growth strategy in the sphere of social media.

Another key component is optimization. Those who optimize their company websites with targeted keywords and constant blog posts can count on increased online exposure. After all, just one blog post shared by a hundred people on Twitter or Facebook can reap dividends for any small business.


Promotion through social media is a great way for small businesses to convey their message. But the next step after drawing web visitors to a certain page is to then convert them to be a client. This involves crafting an effective sales strategy that engages with online visitors and develops trust. Many small businesses achieve this with blog posts, as blogging is considered an effective way to represent a business in a personal way. Effectively connecting with a web visitor will convert them to leads and then, hopefully, new customers.

Customer testimonials

The owner of any business should view every success regarding a customer transaction as an opportunity. Indeed, some organizations rely heavily on customer testimonials for business growth. If a customer had a fantastic experience doing business with a particular business, there’s no reason not to share that story with the world. Doing so oftentimes results in the successful growth of the business.


Effective marketing in the modern world includes email campaigns, short message service (sms/text) and social media. This is because it allows a business to take advantage of the smartphone/tablet craze. But there is also no understating the importance of compelling offers. People still like deals, and giving the people what they want is key to generate new leads.

In the end, the technology may change, but business growth factors will generally stay the same. For the small business owner, it’s all about getting out the word. And those who can reach the widest audience with their strong marketing word stand the best chance of seeing their organization thrive.

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What is Your Business Growth Strategy?

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