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The Impact of Social Media Trends on Small Businesses

Today, like big business houses and well-known brands, small businesses also need to embrace social media trends to boost their revenue and client base. If you have a business of your own, it is assumed that you have created a Twitter or Facebook page for your business to inform people that you have a presence in social media.

Gail Goodman, columnist and Marketing Contact CEO, is of the opinion that usage of social media is crucial for a small business to grow.

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Basic Reasons for Small Businesses to Indulge in Social Media?

Given below are the reasons why more and more small businesses are going for social media promotion:

  • Visibleness
  • Connecting with clients
  • Self-promotion
  • Social media is cheap
  • Social media is simple to use
  • The clients and customers of small businesses also use social media
  • Using social media does not require much time and helps small businesses reach their audience easily.

Impact of Social Media Trends on Small Businesses

Small businesses are typically businesses that run with 1-50 employees. It is believed that word of mouth is the best technique for small businesses to promote themselves. However, at the present time, word of mouth is spread through social media networking sites.

Small businesses are frequently using social media networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Linkedin, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious and Digg. Small businesses can make the most of these platforms if used in the right way. Social media platforms and networking sites help small businesses promote their products and position their brand. Given below are the social media trends that are manifest these days:

  • All news updates about brands are being communicated through Twitter, the microblogging site
  • Small businesses are also sharing their information and updates through blogs with their target audience
  • Small business houses are using Facebook for their market research since the social networking site is working as a very effective market research tool for them.
  • Small businesses are using professional networking sites like Linkedin to network with business contacts.
  • Small businesses interacting with customers via Facebook are fast developing loyalty and generating word of mouth.

Social networking has now become literally indispensable for small businesses. They can keep their stakeholders updated about new developments in their enterprises, product launches, research and survey activities and future plans with a sequence of tweets. Blogs work better than Twitter in that they are not limited to 140 characters and more detailed information about the products and services can be posted on blogs. Facebook helps you find out whether the most recent product launched by your business are attracting probable customers or not. Making a post on Facebook and noticing who like it is a surefire way of measuring the reach of your products and services.

However, as laid down by David Nelkin, the founder of Obsessive Web, only creating accounts on all social media networking sites will not do. In order to be successful, small businesses should prioritize quality over quantity.

Some of the reasons why people are following small businesses on social media platforms and networking sites are given below:

  • They are getting special offers and deals when they are following a particular brand on Facebook
  • If they are satisfied with a specific brand, they can recommend the product or service via wall posts (status updates), likes, and shares to the people they know.

Social media is here to stay. It is your challenge as a small business owner how you can take advantage of it. In the end, you don’t have to spend a huge amount to promote your business on social media platforms for getting results.

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